President Message

Message from President

Committed to the sound development of our life and industry,and becoming a company  trusted by society

President Masaru Nabeshima

The corporate philosophy of Maruzen Petrochemical is “Based on our chemical technology, we are committed to the sound development of society and industry.” Since its founding in 1959, the company has focused on business activities with the aim of fulfilling responsibility to society and increasing corporate value. With support from all our stakeholders, we have been able to run a stable business up to the present day. In March 2016, the company became a consolidated subsidiary of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., and all of us now have a higher standard of ethics and take more responsible actions than ever before.

Our company is positioned as an ethylene center in a petrochemical complex, and we procure the raw materials from petroleum refining companies and provide products in a stable manner to the derivatives companies that are our customers. By reinforcing our cooperation with each company in the complex, we aim to achieve the sound development of the entire complex. In addition, our company is working to expand its chemical products business and industrial & specialty chemicals business and aims to create a new earnings pillar.

As the company handles a large amount of hazardous substances and high-pressure gases, safety is our utmost priority. We recognize the serious risks regarding safety and the environment, and we are continuing safe operation with no accidents and no incidents, protecting the health & safety of local residents and employees, while aiming to be “the Number One Company in Safety.”

The Maruzen Petrochemical group will strive to become a highly appealing company that is trusted more and more by all our stakeholders. We ask you for further understanding and support.

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